Replacement Audi taillights

Just like many other Audi parts, it has taken me an insane amount of money to find a replacement taillight. I have already returned 2 out of 3 taillight that I have bought.

And I did know that this might happen. So I look at the picture online (warning: if seller claims that it is ok that the picture online does not matter and you will get the correct one anyways DO NOT BUY), make sure it is the correct one.

I CALL them and ask them to describe to me how the taillight looks like.

I send them the picture of my taillight.

I send them the complete model information (Audi 99 A4 1.8T Quattro). I send them my VIN. And what do I get? Two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT taillights.

What can you do? I'm not sure much can be done over what I did. But do repeat what I did, maybe you will be luckier:

To search online, for some idiotic reason you might have more results when you search for "Audi A4 99" than for "Audi A4". Don't ask me why.

If online picture does not match your taillight, do not buy.

Take a high-res picture of your taillight, and place it on your computer. Do not rely on memory to make online purchases.

Contact seller and ask them to describe the taillight you will buy.

Send them your picture.

Always check for return policy to be present.

Describe the requirements clearly. In the example above, the taillight is red all over with a clear backup light - round corners - is in the rectangle second one from the top. I had received the taillight with rectangle corners and in the second one from the BOTTOM rectangle, and one with an amber/yellow section.

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