General Audi transmission and ABS troubleshooting

Transmission: If it is shifting with jerking, or engine increases RPM when shifting, with a noticeable pause (as if the transmission spends some time in neutral like on manual transmissions), and if the oil level is OK, then my Audi dealer tech said the following --

There's a transmission controller in the center of the console. It is fairly close to windshield water routing channels. If those channels get clogged with dirt, moisture may develop on the transmission controller and corrode electrical connections. This is more probable if there is indeed visible leaves, etc buildup under the windshield, and this problems develops suddenly, without an oil level drop in the transmission.


Even if your transmission stops working and gets covered in oil, it is still OK. However, the plastic controller on the transmission has melted, and is spewing oil over the transmission.


ABS module -- are expensive refurbished, but if you have weird problems such as uneven tire wear, or one of the ABS / brake lights on, then similar moisture may have corroded the ABS pump controller. Before you buy a very expensive replacement, however, swap in a known good unit (remove only the controller NOT the whole pump with hydraulic connections) and test.

Unlike some online "advice" ABS pump controller on 99 A4 Audi does not need to be "programmed" for the vehicle.

And, the only way to bleed the ABS pump on this car is with VAG (there are no bleeding screws in this pump).

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