Bosch Platinum Plus spark plug review


Bought these for preventive replacement in friend's car. They failed after 6 months of use. When I bought them I did wonder briefly why the electrode is flush to some kind of ceramic potting around the electrode. Well, the engine was starting random misfires in several cylinders.

When I took spark plugs out I found that the center electrode was eroded away. As it was potted in some kind of ceramic, not only was the "gap" wider now, but some kind of ceramic or other dust was all over the electrode and inside the hole formed by retreated electrode. Either the wider gap or dust in the hole was blocking the spark.

Calling auto stores I found that Autozone does not warranty their spark plugs. Advance Auto Parts requires receipt.

If you have installed Bosch Platinum Plus spark plugs with flush electrode inside potted ceramic replace your spark plugs immediately and try to return them to where you bought them.

Bosch Platinum Plus spark plug failure

Clearly visible in the picture is a) The stupid design with electrode previously being flush with that hole in the center, b) absence of said electrode as it is now below the hole level, and c) white deposit from either the burning process or spark plug material, all over the spark plug. The white color of the electrode indicates a possible overheating and / or a lean mixture. For more troubleshooting information with pictures, look on the back of the Haynes manual cover.

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