Toyota Camry no electrical power no ignition

If after you put in the starter key and turn it to Run only two or three lights light up on the instrument panel, then this article will explain what happened.

Symptoms: What appears to be a condition of "no electrical power, no ignition".

When turning the key to the Start position, the starter does not turn, nor do the relays make a clicking noise (as they do when the car battery voltage is too low).

Additionally, you cannot move the seat (if it is a power seat).

Only two or three lights light up on the instrument panel:

Toyota Camry no electrical power no ignition


What happened: The main electrical fuse is blown:

Toyota Camry main fuse


This is a beefy 100A or a 120A part, and is located in the engine compartment fuse box (next to the battery). NOTE: to remove the fuse, you must disconnect and remove the battery first. Then, unscrew the two bolts holding the fuse box to the engine compartment. Carefully pull the plastic box up to give you clearance. Then, use a fine flat blade screwdriver to carefully bend away the plastic tabs holding the bottom half of the fuse box. After the bottom half is removed, the wires will be exposed. The two bolts holding the fuse on each side must be removed before the fuse can be pulled out.

Installing the bolts is a big pain, and you are bound to lose the screws when they drop. Use a blob of sticky plumbers putty or a piece of tubing to secure the bolt to the screwdriver, as you have little access for one of the bolts.

This replacement procedure will take about an hour to complete.

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