2000 Chrysler Voyager cabin fan resistor

If the cabin (heating and cooling) blower fan works only on some speed settings, or the max setting only, then you have a problem with the blower motor resistor.

The resistor in 2000 Chrysler Voyager is accessed from the engine compartment, on the passenger side, and behind the motor. You will see a wire connector going into the firewall.

However, if you are smart and decided to get a used one from a junk/scrap yard, here are a few notes of caution:

1) This resistor is held by one-way tabs. It is vital to compress them from both sides using a wide and thin tool like two putty knives.

Look at this picture and it will be clear where the tabs are located:

Because if you just pull out the resistor from the firewall, trust me, those tabs will be in an unrecognizable shape.

If you have done exactly that, well you can save money and fix those tabs by carefully soldering them once bending them in the correct shape:

And very carefully and slowly inserting it into the firewall.


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