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About me: I have started my involvement with electronics ("as a hobby") when I was twelve. What followed is a continued interest in electronics engineering, as well as website and IT involvement.


My professional experience includes all aspects of electronics engineering (circuit design, PCB design, semiconductor theory, troubleshooting to component level, prototyping, embedded programming, robotics, soldering, and so on), as well as website and IT experience (specializing in rescuing hacked websites, CMS administration, conversion of static html websites to a CMS, and other related areas).


My interests include continual involvement with electronics and websites/IT during all of my "free time", outside sports, entrepreneurship, open source programming, CMS Made Simple forum contributions, this (www.MKRD.info) information website, alternative information, prototyping, reading, and general science experimentation.


Socially, I attend some local event groups to look for people interested in teaming up in the areas of electronics, startup, entrepreneurship, IP licensing, open source programming projects, and experimentation.


How to contact me:


How to hire me: I can be hired for website/IT or electronics related work. For website/IT jobs, visit my services website. For electronics, contact me and request my resume.


Why this website?

What good are my experiences, notes, and criticisms if they stay either inside my head or as files on my hard drives?

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