Wheel lug nut stud removal and installation

I have replaced the lug nut stud on a 2001 Dodge Chrysler, but this will apply to many other models and years as well.

It is not necessary to remove the brake rotor from suspension. It will be hard to remove anyways because it will be rusted to the suspension and very difficult to remove.

After I removed the wheel and the brake assembly, the broken off stud was hammered out of the brake rotor and removed from behind.

If you orient the rotor properly, you can partially insert the stud at an angle from behind the rotor. The stud will be stuck at an angle and inside the rotor hole, and the bolt will not even appear in front of the rotor surface. You can gently hammer it in at an angle being careful not to damage the thread too much.

After it pops in, you will need to rotate it properly for the ridges to be oriented properly. You will feel it with fingers and slow and gentle rotation of the stud. Hold it in the correct position, and screw on an open cap lug nut to pull the stud head ridges into the suspension mount.

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