2000 Chrysler Voyager AC blower replacement

Recently, I have found a blown fuse on the 2000 Chrysler Voyager A/C blower motor circuit. After fuse replacement, the fan still did not operate, and it actually drew no power.

Note: before proceeding, read my related article: 2000 Chrysler Voyager cabin fan resistor.


DMM resistance check across the motor indicated a high resistance (open).

I have removed the A/C blower fan assembly. I have found that the plastic motor housing collected moisture, and caused rusting of motor bearings and a motor stall. The stalled motor then blew the fuse and burned out a winding.


I checked for a replacement on RockAuto. I purchased the following part:

FOUR SEASONS Part # 75739
w/ Wheel; Requires use of O.E. Connector; Front

This part, however, is not suitable for most people because it comes with a wrong connector:

 2000 Chrysler Voyager replacement AC blower fan connector


Notice also the smaller wire gauge and the absence of twisted-pair feature.

Unless you are yourself familiar with electricity and electronics and are handy with crimping or soldering connectors, then this particular aftermarket part is useless for you.


Note: purchase and replace the cabin blower fan resistor at this time as well, since it is a likely point of failure, and is probably rusted and about to fail as well.

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