Toyota Camry 06 windshield washer reservoir

Recently, I had to scout for a Toyota Camry 06 windshield washer reservoir.

Only after I have purchased one, did I find out about the following stupidities:

1) Top 2 car parts websites give you a wrong item. It is not an exact match. Fortunately, it can be made to fit.

Strangely, this replacement reservoir comes with a pump motor, and it is located in a different place (front facing outwards of the vehicle instead of the left side in the picture as the original had).


Additionally, save all the mounting hardware and the old pump when you are removing the old reservoir. New one does not come with bolts and nuts necessary. Should you need to replace them, they are 1/4" coarse thread.

When removing, make sure the remove the hidden top side bolt that is very hard to see and access.


When installing, install the level sensor first, being careful to not move its orientation. It must be oriented properly to indicate the washer level. If after installation and a full reservoir the low washer light is on, you may have installed the sensor upside down.

When installing the pump, you will need use the old pump because the supplied one does not fit your wiring harness. It is not an exact fit, but you can gently force it in (original pump is a little larger in diameter).

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