Dodge Caravan muffler replacement

The Walker Quiet-Flow Muffler Part Number 50055 is NOT an exact fit for a 2001 Dodge Caravan 2.4L 4cyl or similar.

My best recommendation for you is to obtain a scrap / salvage yard replacement. From what I see, a part from 2001-2007 can be used.

This Walker part seems to be the only retail choice available (sold at AutoZone and RockAuto). However, I had considerable difficulty fitting this part.


Notice the differences between the original and the replacement:

Walker 50055 muffler differences


The differences are:

1) The OEM part is a welded assembly. The original muffler is welded to the resonator (the smaller part). If the resonator is not rusted, you can reuse. If it is badly rusted, leaky, or damaged, then you need to purchase it separately.

2) The mounting of the replacement part does not match that of the OEM part. You will not be able to reuse old rubber parts, and you will need to purchase new ones of a different size.


If you wish to use the Walker part, then you need to use a hacksaw to saw off the resonator. Before sawing the part off, mark the orientation of the pipe in relation to the exact top of the muffler, because the resonator pipe is attached at a specific angle. Saw as closely to the old muffler as possible. Use a file to eliminate burrs and to enable the old part to slide into the new muffler.

Purchase muffler clamps which are an exact fit (are a close fit, but no force is required to place them over the muffler pipe). Note that the two pipe ends are of a different diameter -- you will need to use two different clamp sizes.

Mount the resonator at the proper angle to the muffler. One pipe slides inside another and a clamp is used. Make sure that the assembly is of the same length as the old part. Do not tighten the clamps yet.

Now mount the assembly to the catalytic converter exhaust pipe. DO NOT bend or apply force to the catalytic converter exhaust pipe, or you will break it off or crack it (at the flex joint up front). Use jacks to support the exhaust pipe and the muffler assembly at the proper height, or use a thick copper wire to support the parts.

Do not tear up or bend the heat shield sheet. If it is bent, then straighten it. Make sure that it was not ripped out of its mounting bolts.

Align the assembly to the exhaust pipe for a proper angle and total length. Make sure the very end of the exhaust is oriented downward towards the ground for a symmetrical look. Measure for the length of new rubber isolators required. Purchase rubber isolators of the required length. NOTE: one of the mountings on the Walker muffler was welded on improperly, and this will require you to force in a very short isolator at an awkward angle. You may wish to weld on a proper mounting, or bend the old one to a more proper shape and height.

Use a high-temperature sealant to seal pipe joints. Slide everything in together and secure all clamps.

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