eBahn stupid errors

If you have purchased the Bentley manual on the DVD, it came with the eBahn reader, which probably gave you several stupid errors.

1) In Vista, you will have to run the program in Administrator mode. Right click on the start menu icon, select properties, and select "run in administrator mode"

2) The program might freeze on first run. Give it a good amount of time to see if it starts to run. If not, you will have to close it.

3) I had to reinstall it after just less than a month of light use because it would not start anymore.

4) Stupid error: if you select the car model, and then browse the DTC Xpress DTC Diagnostic codes, but later click on the Search tab, you'll see a stupid


! The specified path in the storage file was not found: /B/B5/search/search.html


To make this stupid error go away you will have to (EVERY TIME):

1) Click on Vehicle tab.

2) Click Reset

3) Click on search. It'll say "Please select your vehicle's Make, Model and Year first." Click on that link.

4) Reenter Car information

5) Click on "Go to Tech Info"

You can now use search by clicking on the Search tab.

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