Audi oil sludge recall pointers

Several pointers about this misunderstood item (Audi A4 Oil Sludge Recall)

1) Yes, the recall is real

2) Symptoms: oil light comes on with normal oil level.

3) What happens: oil sludge builds up in your engine if you have not used synthetic oil.

4) Why is Audi paying you: Audi incorrectly specified that non-synthetic oil can be used in their engines, while actually you must only use synthetic oil to avoid sludge buildup.

5) What is the deadline? June 27th, 2011 I believe.

6) Can you apply for this recall if you have changed oil yourself? Yes you can, if you can provide two last receipts indicating type of oil used, and that you changed oil at the correct intervals.

7) I have used non-synthetic oil. Is my engine OK? No, your engine is already bad.

8) What will Audi pay me for? 9k dollars for a new engine if you have all the documentation, half that if you do not have the documentation, or cost of a repair you have done before related to oil sludge, or oil light coming on.

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