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Download NLCAHackedFilesPack here.


=========== NOLOOKINGCA HACKED FILES PACK V2.0 FOR WINXP SP2 ================
====== Originally packed by DisabledTrucker. Modified by Nolookingca ========
== Most files originally by Zaheer, repacked to reduce size by Nolookingca ==
== For updates and more information, see [URL HERE] ==
================= FILE PACK NLCA REFID: NLCA-HFP-20 =========================
====================== HFP LAST UPDATE: OCT. 29, 2004 =======================

======================= File List ================================

1) tcpip.sy_ (tcpip.sys): This is the patched (see MSKB#884020) and
hacked version of the file. Hacked by RyanVM to allow 100 connections.

2) sfc_os.dl_ (sfc_os.dll): to disable Windows File Protection MUST APPLY REG PATCH
3) uxtheme.dl_ (uxtheme.dll): for using custom themes

4) termsrv.dl_ (termsrv.dll): to allow for concurrent sessions MUST APPLY REG PATCH

5) cmdlines.txt: sample cmdlines.txt file. Adapt to suit your needs.

6) sfc_os.reg: the sfc_os patch disabler reg patch. See reset_readme.txt for details.

7) various readme files

8) Extras:
          This version of the NLCA Hacked Files Pack includes several useful extras.
          Use these at your own risk!
           I) Johnny Do's Registry Tweaks: This is a collection of registry tweaks compiled
                                           by Johnny Do from the tweaks posted in the now
                                           locked thread "Registry Tweaks - Part 1".
                                           Corrections and more tweaks are available in
                                           the thread "Registry Tweaks - Part 2". Please
                                           download the most recent version of this from
                                           the first post in the aforementioned thread.
                                           Posted tweaks in that thread may not get added,
                                           so please read over the thread if possible.
                                           (Not the Part 1 thread - that's all in this
                                            collection :D )
                                           READ THE README FIRST!
           II) Nolookingca Links Pack: This is a collection of links. This is a work
               in progress. Please check for the latest version. (I do not
               want to delay the release of this version of the files pack, so I might
               forget a link...or a dozen. :P

=========================== The End ==============================

LAST UPDATE: October 29, 2004

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