NVidia Control Panel Storage configuration blank

If the NVidia MediaShield RAID was set up properly, NVidia Control Panel will show a "Storage" section similar to the following:

NVidia Control Panel Storage configuration


In order to have this section appear, NVidia MediaShield driver must be installed. In order to install the driver, you must enter correct motherboard chipset information, as it is shown in your motherboard user manual. For example,

to install Nvidia NVRaid, download the driver


However, many people (myself included) would see the View Storage Configuration section come up blank (empty). No listings of drives and / or arrays would appear. If you have the same problem, ensure that:

1) NVidia MediaShield RAID was enabled in your BIOS. If you had an array prior, your BIOS configuration may have crashed.

2) After BIOS is done loading, MediaShield must have been enabled, and an array was enabled, and MediaShield must briefly display its messages after Windows starts loading.

If MediaShield functions with an array, but NVidia Control panel does not show the array, then you have an incorrect MediaShield driver installed in Windows. Note: Windows and your array will still function without a Windows driver, but you will not be able to get any information about your array other than from the post-BIOS loading screen.

If installing the latest MediaShield driver does not solve your problem, then you need to revert to the driver supplied with your motherboard. Uninstall the appropriate entry in "Programs and Features" (Such as NVidia MediaShield, but it can be named other things). Restart the computer. Then either use the original drivers CD supplied with your computer or go to motherboard manufacturer's Support web page to download the NVidia RAID driver.

The array should now be listed in the NVidia Control Panel.


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