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Attention: There is no recycle bin on portable devices like USB memory sticks, memory cards, cameras, etc, etc. Deleting files on those devices is irreversible without special software! Attention: replace operation is irreversible, and very difficult to reverse with even special software! Do not replace/overwrite large files or folders!

Cleaning or fixing your computer (slow operation, viruses, adware, popups, etc)

. (How to hot plug or remove hard drives from Windows without powering down first, or how to find the hard drive that you connected to the system)

Neat trick: are you obsessive about cleaning the recycle bin every time you see the icon showing contents, or just want to hide it? Use the Tweak UI PowerToys utility to do that and much more (like disabling most of those unneeded file templates in the right click>new menu, and so on).

Attention: there is no undo or recovery for a file replace operation. The replaced files DO NOT GO INTO THE RECYCLE BIN! Never use the windoza replace operation. First, delete the unneeded files, then move the new files in their place. Even a dedicated software solution to search for deleted data on the hard drive may have difficulty recovering files after they were replaced. If you need to recover from a replace, you will need a data recovery software that can do signature based file recovery.


If you need to reinstall Windoza and have your serial, but do not have a CD, here is the image of Windows XP Pro SP2.

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