Note: these notes were written at the time of an older version of LimeWire (version 4), but most of them apply to the current version.
Note: if you use LimeWire, or any other P2P program, you must have an antivirus program installed. Even if you have an antivirus program installed, refrain from downloading any executable files (programs) from P2P sources. I recommend Avast! as a free antivirus program.
First of all, if a friend told you about LimeWire, or gave you a copy, I recommend that you do a little of Wikipedia reading first:

Now you know why I asked you to do some reading first.


Also, I would like to comment that LimeWire is not exactly a user--friendly program. You can easily download wrong or misleading material, download a virus embedded into a file, download ad crapware instead of a file, download several different copies of the same file (i.e. all with different song lengths for music files, etc).
You will also need to know how to cleanup before and after your download, and select between several slightly different file sizes or formats.


Most people use LimeWire to download music. If you would like to download movies as well, you should take a look at uTorrent and <my page> discussing it.


Before you even begin using the program, and especially if you will download video clips and movie from either program, you will also need VLC media player (and here is my page on VLC). You will be wise to install virus protection as well. Here is my page on the virus protection options.


Finally, since you are strongly pushed toward buying the PRO version of LimeWire, supposedly there is FrostWire that was made specifically to not require a payment for a PRO version, not to use content filtering (<which LimeWire considered>), and not to have commercial/sponsor results listed. Decide for yourself whether to use it or not.


You might find this amusing, but in many significant cases it is actually easier for you to use legitimate download or renting services. On this page I discuss my experiences, and different services available. Be sure to read the page. You will soon find out that the LimeWire way is much more hassle, time, and effort over some better alternatives.

1) First thing we do is set up LimeWire

Failure to understand or change the default options and settings might mean that the program will do surprisingly more than you though it would. For example, with default settings everyone else will be able to see and download your own files stored on your computer! The issue is not of blocking others to access to your files the same way you access theirs, the issue that you might make available files for others to download that you would never considering showing to anyone else. Consider the possibility carefully. Now you know the you really need to read thru the setup portion.

2) Next I discuss how LimeWire operates

This section has similarities to the setup section, but it is written differently. You really need to know what is going on to stay in control of your downloads.

3) Here I list all of problems that I encountered with LimeWire

Read this section if you would like to know even more, if you received a few errors yourself, or especially if you download many files.

4) Finally, here I list solutions, discussions on solutions, and calls for change to LimeWire programming

If you are someone who can help me fix problems with LimeWire, or if you would like to know my progress, then definitively look here. You should also look here if you want to contribute in other ways.

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