BSOD remedies

Blue screen of death is something that is hard to diagnose and treat. Especially if it happens randomly for no reason, and if writing down and searching the error code on the internet shows no definite results, or remedies listed do not help. However, BSOD primarily happen for the following reasons.

1) Firstly, set your system to not reboot when BSOD is shown, so that the screen stays on when it happens, and you can write down the STOP code.

2) Watch and note what usually happens when you get a BSOD. Does it happen shortly before you login and try to do something? Does it happen after you play a resource-intensive game for some time? Does it happen after a long time of computer use? What programs do you launch?

No matter the STOP code, the following is the most common root cause:

BAD MEMORY. Run a memory test like Memtest first. But even if that does not show any errors, try the following: remove most RAM modules but one. If problem stops, then one of RAM sticks is most likely the problem. Sometimes, even swapping them around without actually replacing the module will take care of the problem. It may be heating or mechanical problems due to heating or cycling, or vibration.

If the BSOD happen after you play a game, or your system freezes when you play an intensive game, then your system is probably overheating. Cleanout any dust in your system, check the temperature of the Northbridge, and bring down the case temperature.

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