FreeFileSync hard drive size mismatch

You may have tried to manually compare the size of the original and the duplicate after using FreeFileSync to create a copy of the original. Good idea! It is always a good idea to manually verify that your backup software is actually working!

However, you may have found a size discrepancy between the original and the FreeFileSync-created duplicate. This may be due to permissions.

First of all, launch FreeFileSync with Administrator privileges. It is always a good idea to launch software which deals with Program Files, User files, or external drives in Administrator rights mode.

Run FreeFileSync again, and see if it now has access to copying and / or creating more files. If it doesn't, then it has copied all files over properly. However, you as a user are actually not seeing the correct folder size because some files or folders have incorrect ownership and permission details.


To find out the offending file or folder, you will need to dig deeper manually, and compare files and folders from the original to the source manually. Start at the top, and go down one folder path level when you find a size mismatch.

When you find the offending file or folder, right click on it and select Properties. On the windows that appears, select Security. If you see weird usernames as having permissions while you are not listed, then you probably have a file from before you have reinstalled and / or moved the hard drive or Windows. Repair the problem by assigning your username Ownership and Permissions. Yo may need to add your username to the list manually, even if it is already listed, by clicking Edit, then Add. Type in your username, click "Check Names", and when your username is accepted click OK.


Tags / Summary: hard drive properties size mismatch even after freefilesync. Because some files or folders do not list you as a full owner, the properties box will not report their size. Manually compare size of each folder, go to sub-folders, until you find one that has incorrect ownership setting.

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