How to disable Avast! popup/balloon notifications

The only way to disable those stupid pop-up/roll-up Avast notifications from the task bar is to upgrade to Avast 5.0 and enable Silent/Gaming mode.

Don't forget the idiocy of still having to manually upgrade the program by checking if a new version was released at their website (the stupid program will not tell you about MAJOR upgrades, only minor ones).


I don't know why you would want to do it the way someone commented below, but here is his comment, properly formatted:


To disable this message. You have to do the following:

Right click the avast icon in the taskbar and click Settings program ... Then click on Troubleshooting and tick Disable self defense of avast.

Creation of regulated access IR:
Go or Control Panel>> Tools of administration>> Local Security Policy
Right click sure "Software Restriction Policies">> new security strategy
Right click "Supplemental Rules">> setting new hash
copy / paste link C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast4 \ asw6Noti.exe
Security Level: Disallowed


write: cmd
Press Enter

a window opens, now write

cacls "Press Enter"
cd C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast4 "press Enter"
cacls asw6Noti.exe "press Enter"
now u see a list off users and their access rights
type now the following:

cacls asw6Noti.exe /T /E /P "Name/Name":N "press Enter";
Do this steps with every user listed.

(do this step with your Admin account at least)

to control if settings have taken over:
cacls asw6Noti.exe "press Enter";

You should now see a list with an "N" at the end.

something like that:
BUILTIN/Administrators: N
BUILTIN/Power Users: N

The "N" means no access rights. Avast 4.8 can no longer execute this file.

Close window CMD.

Reactivate the module of avast self-defense and reboot. When Alwil release a new File just do same procedure with new named File

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