Firefox is the best web browser. You can download it at the Firefox website.

Reasons for switch to Firefox

Includes important background information.

Additional content available for Firefox

It is important that you know that a large number of community--developed content exists for Firefox users to download. It is very important that you at least know about extensions.

Problems with Firefox

This documents all of the problems that I found with Firefox. Many are actually website problems and nuisances, but they are problems with the Firefox "experience" nonetheless.

My Features and Fixes Requests for Firefox

Here I list things which I would like to implement in Firefox. Also, less minor problems with Firefox are also listed here with suggested solutions.

Customizing and modifying Firefox

Remove that Geegle search field, prevent FDM from flashing and showing itself, download more files at the same time and more!

Firefox bookmark synchronization



This is how my Firefox looks like. What have I done?

  • Right clicked in the buttons area and selected Customize
  • Dragged off the home button
  • Dragged on the new tab button
  • Dragged off Google search field
  • Removed bookmarks toolbar
  • Dragged up all buttons to be on the same line that the menu options are
  • Installed Tab Counter and one of the page zoom utilities.
  • Very compact and smart, isn't it?


I would love to, and have great ideas for, a Firefox extension or a few. However, those Firefox development books are still sitting on the queue on my shelf. If you are a Firefox/Mozilla developer, or have developed a few extensions yourself, then I would like you to . Others can contribute by reading the Contribute page.

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