Microsoft Office 2010 default template does not work

The following behavior with Microsoft Office 2010 may be observed.

On opening a new file, a page with small margins is displayed, and font by default is specified to be

Calibri (body), pt size 11.


What happened: Office is no longer using the default template on opening up a new window.



It is hard to pinpoint the issue. I did apply all windows updates relevant to Office, including a large Office service pack.

Upgrading Office while it was still open might have been the issue.

The only solution that I know of is to

1) Uninstall Office.

2) Delete AppData locations relevant to office and office templates (Roaming\Microsoft\Templates, \Office, same for Local\)

2) Reinstall

3) Create restore point.

4) Create a new document. See if it comes up with Times New Roman, 12 pt.

If it does not, try to replace a file in


with this one: Download Normal.dotm


If none of this works, then there is a workaround that will require some work every time you create a new document.

1) Create a new template, either from the file above, or from deleting all text from a file you previously saved (to delete the text but keep the correct formatting).

2) Every time you create a new document, you will have to go to File>New>My Templates. Then choose a template.

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