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Hello, Micro$oft.

When you were panicking about the OpenOffice open source file formats and wanted to release your own "open source" file format .docx, how hard was it to think of adding identifying information to the beginning of the file if viewed in your famous Notepad or another raw text viewer? For those people, in case you did not get it, who would bring this file format to the office and NOONE WILL BE ABLE TO OPEN IT OR GUESS WHAT IT WAS UNTIL THEY PAID FOR THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF OFFICE TO OPEN AN "OPEN SOURCE" FILE FORMAT.


It is Micro$oft's stupidity to not tell people about Internet Explorer add-ons (not that it matters anymore), and cool utilities like PowerToys Tweak UI.

file movement/rewriting in windoza xp: how exactly does undo work in this case of the files that are overwritten are not sent to the recycle bin?

people should be aware of the recycle bin effect on removable storage devices. Also irreversible replace. what the hell deleting files on removable media is irreversible what the hell. document what the hell vista permanently deleted the desktop folder without using the recycle bin. kill all instances where windoza asks to delete file permanently. (because of replace operation). i software solution to recover replace operation (signature based search for data). wth windoza irreversible replace

what the hell completely un-navigatable libraries pane in win7 file save dialog (no way to access folders within /users/username hd directory)

windoza stupidity: after a program is selected from program files in open with dialog, a lot more programs are shown that were not shown before

microsoft idiots, cannot even copy firefox right (about:tabs)



windows media player and windows stupidities:

  • wth gray selection line appears even if another window if active and wmp is an inactive window when mouse passes over songs in library???
    wth same gray selection line appears at the mouse position when using the vertical scroll bar to scroll???
    proof that windows is unable to work with more than one file: wmp can handle deletions, even of the music that is playing, but selecting a dozen freaks up wmp library position, and wmp starts playing wrong songs.
  • wmp confusing as hell. wmp does not show progress bar for wmv files


Stupidity of WMP: the button that showed skin mode in previous versions is now compact mode. However;
1.there is no menu option to show the compact mode besides the button itself
2.there is no option to make the button switch to skin mode instead
3.the keyboard shortcut for skin mode is idiotic
4.the compact mode does not display any necessary information.
5.Keyboard shortcuts pretty much eliminate the need to switch to compact mode
6.As usual, the overload of the number of skins available justified the creation of this mode in their minds. However, the mini player skin is much better than compact mode for listening to music since you can see what you are listening to.

windoza fracking stupidity: (vista home basic)
does not show xp computers as a device
may need to disable wireless connection first
wireless always connected even when a wired one available


What the hell is this registry location?: hkey_current_user>software>microsoft>windows>currentversion>app management>arpcache


Why the hell windows photo gallery viewer when i rotated the picture saved it rotated??? PHOTO VIEWER IS A READ ONLY APPLICATION, IDIOTS. And if that picture is of a large size, guess what? It will save it with a loss of quality, with just a cute, pointless, invisible small notification that it messed with your file.


Thanks for that new Control panel view in Vista. Now not only can't I find anything, some things in the new view CANNOT BE FOUND. So thank you for now me having to switch back and forth every time I try to find something.


General stupidities:

windoza stupidity if a file is set as hidden, then WordPad cannot write or save to it

stupidity of windoza sticky keys being turned off on first window but still being "on" on second

search fucking stupidity it does not search within hidden folders. windoza search stupidity of it searches where folders are set to hidden it skips those folders

windoza fs no my computer icon on desktop

why the hell vista allows someone else's password protected account to be deleted without specifying their password, or even the UAC screen popping up???


windoza fs (as if noone uses it and tests it):

  • win 7 taskbar still staying up for unseeable reason, and even if always up, windows starts hiding lower portion of windows behind it.
  • IE not opening tab and switching address bar to that tab until it loads


windows 7 is not any better than xp:

  • no combining of file move windows
  • no lower priority for file moves (several freeze system)
  • win 7 is vista, nothing new
  • still no "move to, copy to"
  • delete button removed from explorer
  • cannot intelligently drag-select (no space between thumbnails)
  • no pause for file mover
  • idiotic discovery bar in explorer: slower than xp



IE stupidity: in new window, ctrl+T opens a new tab. In links, ctrl+W opens a new tab. In new window, ctrl+W CLOSES current tab!


Neither of the two idiotic file move dialogs tell me which folder is being moved:

neither of the two idiotic file move dialogs tell me which folder is being moved

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