SOLVED Microsoft Outlook 2010 connection error with Hotmail Outlook

If your Microsoft Outlook 2010 has stopped syncing with Outlook Hotmail around August 2016 or later, then this article should be of help.

Specifically, on August 2016 I stopped being able to syncronize (download messages) for one of two Outlook (formerly Hotmail) e-mail accounts. Specific error messages were:

! Task 'your email here' reported error (0x8004102A) : 'Error with Send/Receive. There was an error synchronizing your folder hierarchy. Error : 80041004.'

! Task 'your e-mail here' reported error (0x8DE00005) : 'There is an error synchronizing your mail account. Please verify your account is configured correctly by first accessing your mail on the web. Error: 3219. Server. An error occured in looking up the user's information in mserv. '


The easy resolution to this problem is to delete the account (by going to File>Info>Account Settings>(dropdown)>Account Settings. Highlight the account and press X Delete). CAUTION this may delete folder customizations / categorizations. You should back up your e-mail to a local file / folder if Outlook is your primary way of sending e-mails. I use the web (browser) interface primarily, and Outlook for BACKUP purposes only.


The technical resolution to this problem depends on what you see on the Account Settings page (navigate by path shown in paragraph above). Outlook has made a change to the way e-mail is configured and sent. Around that time, they were warning users that Microsoft Live Mail will no longer work in Windows 7. Look at the screenshot below.


Notice that I had two Hotmail (currently actually Outlook) accounts. The one that worked was configured as Microsoft Exchange. The one that stopped working was configured as MAPI. After I have deleted the MAPI account and re-entered its settings, and it started working, it became a Microsoft Exchange account. So, if you want to fix your problem without deleting the old account, you will need to research elsewhere on the Internet regarding how to edit account settings to change it from MAPI to Microsoft Exchange.

Note: as far as I can tell, those e-mails from Microsoft telling me that Windows Live Mail will stop working with Outlook after Summer / July / August 2016 were bullshit. It still works for me in Windows 7.

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