Attention: two things are critical for good operation of uTorrent:

1) A forwarded port. If your modem or router has a firewall, then a website like www.portforward.com will tell you how to set it up. If you don't have a firewall, you should have it! You need to get that green checkmark on the bottom of uTorrent for fast download speeds.

2) You need to limit upload and download speeds so that uTorrent does not stall your complete house network. Broadband speeds, 275k download speed, and 10k upload speed. Note that the upload is the one that usually stalls your complete house network.


  • if inquiry is typed into the search bar, and enter is pressed nothing will happen if there is a "do you want to add torrents for existing file" window behind. although not visible, it prevents search submission
  • fix listing: when listing time remaining, put downloading, but "infinite" entries right below those that do display some time. also, put downloaded ones right below those. the finished ones tend to jump down to random places for not apparent reason where they are hard to find.
  • wth deletion of the "part/temp" file in the directory might have the effect of making file 99.9% complete and possibly contain data from finished files


Feature requests:

  • add enter button to search form for keyboard-off operation
  • add option to start seeding finished or stopped files (besides "forced start")
  • add option and GUI button to seed partially completed files and folders
  • sequenced downloads
  • utorrent: partial file does not disappear until seeding stopped, and piece has to be redownloaded if deleted
  • utorrent add unable to finish download for a long time because missing warning
  • add option to clear data, but stop and keep entries (instead of remove and delete data)
  • add option to individual files inside to pause, instead of discarding data of do not download is selected
  • If user has specified to move completed torrents to another directory, do not do so until all files have been downloaded or user has manually removed the torrent listing. Right now, if user elects to have just a few selected files to download, the entire torrent will be “completed” and the .torrent file moved to the specified directory.
  • option to delete all files now marked as skip and clean up all temp files (part/temp file, files now marked as skip, other files that should not be there, etc)
  • need a single file in the download, application data, or program files location that will contain settings for utorrent and info on which files have been marked skip, etc. i have to do this manually every time utorrent is moved or reinstalled

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