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If you are forced to use OldPrint in CMSMS or prior, then be aware that this old (obsolete) module did not use the "nofollow" attribute.

This leads to duplicate and confusing results in Google, possibly ranking detriment, and other negative effects.

To force this Tag to use the "nofollow" attribute, edit the file



Find the line:

$output = '<a class=". $class ." href="' . $page_url . $goback . $js . '"'. $target . $title . $more . '>';

and change it to:

$output = '<a class=". $class ." href="' . $page_url . $goback . $js . '"'. $target . $title . $more . ' rel="nofollow">';


Note: CMSMS 1.10+ Print tag and the CMSPrinting modules already implement NoFollow.

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