Dynonames hosting review

I have to warn you about something to watch out for with Dynonames - extraordinary over-storage (which is very low) fees.

I had a customer upload files by FTP that exceeded the ridiculously low limit by about 10GB. The files stayed there for a week. Dynonames wanted me to pay $300 for exceeding the limit:

Economy Hosting - Linux - Renewal - 1 Month 6/16/2007 1 $ 9.95

Traffic Facts - Renewal 6/16/2007 1 $ 2.99

Recurring Hosting Fee - Additional 100 MB 6/16/2007 29 $ 288.55


I got on the phone with support, and spent about half an hour. Basically, I told them that it is ridiculous to pay for 100MB of storage which is never used, and that if they want to keep me as a customer there is no way I am going to pay the three hundred dollars. I did get above to the manager, and he was putting on a show how he is going to give me a huge favor if he reduces the fee to a hundred dollars or something like that.

What did I warn him about? I told him that I either pay nothing and they lose me as a customer, or they waive the fee and keep me as a customer.

He was pushing the company policy like a robot.

What did I do? I changed the card details on the automatic renewal file to prevent them from collecting the fee, and moved on. If you ever get in a situation like this, do the same. You can also use a credit card instead, and then dispute the charge with your credit card company.

Just like I said, I did not paid the fee, and they lost me as a customer.

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