HTML validators

The several HTML validators are good at validating, but not so good in giving you advice. If you cannot have a professional review the results, here are a few pointers:

1) Do not be overwhelmed by the number of errors. Most of them are duplicate, or a result of a single problem. So fix things that you can understand first and see where that gets you

2) The line numbering in errors, if you turn in on, does not correspond to line numbering of the HTML source, or anything else. You will need to turn on the option "show source" or similar to have any idea where those line numbers point to.

3) Sanity checks preserve your sanity. A very large number of errors can come up with just metadata of html source. Try specifying the HTML version manually. It does not have to be XML/XHTML Transitional and the latest version. It can be HTML v4+. Also, check the META data carefully, as a single wrong slash here will cause many errors.

4) The suggestions given are not meant to be parsed by mortals. Don't try to wreck your head trying to understand what it is trying to say.

5) Things that will drive you insane are the capitalization problems for meta and html tags. This is something that must be sanity-checked against known-good HTML source.

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