1and1 hosting domain management

There are a few quirks  to be aware of with 1and1 hosting provider domain management:

1) By default, any new subdomains, as well as purchased and transferred domains point to ./ (server root). If the root contains your main website, then all of those domains and subdomains would point to your main website by default. This is not desirable if your new domain has nothing to do with what you already have hosted in ./

NOTE: this is why I always tell people to never place website files in the root of the server. Keep the root of your server ONLY for subfolders for websites installations, main .htaccess file common to all sites, and subfolders for other utilities (logs, mail, other applications besides websites, etc). Also, files and / or developers notes can be placed in the root.

2) When you create a new folder by FTP or any other means, and try to edit domain destination to point to that newly created folder, the list of folders on the server for the "Existing Directory" dropdown box do not update very fast. It may take an hour for changes to your filesystem to be reflected. Solution? Choose "Home Directory -- Create New Directory" and specify path and name to the directory that already exists. Contents of that directory will not be affected, so don't worry about this method.

3) Don't bother with parking your domain names with Geegle or other advertisers. Unless you are a scammer and put a little effort into it, you will rarely see a cent out of having ads on your domain name, as noone will see any links to that nonexisting domain name (it will not be promoted by anyone).

If you want to point your domain name to nowhere, the only method with 1and1 is to have the domain name to point to a newly created folder, with nothing inside. This, however, will generate a 3xx error, which would not be very useful to visitors.


If you want to park your domain name properly, you need a "catchall" htaccess and mailbox.

Create a subfolder, and place the following files inside:



Additionally, create a "catchall" email account for that parked domain name.


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