Free full website spellcheck

Up until recently, there were no available free full website spellcheckers (which can crawl a website and give a list of misspelled words).

The solutions below are currently the only choices available, but none are comprehensive enough:

1) SpellO is a client-side standalone crawler full website spellchecker, and it might just be the solution for you. I have a comprehensive set of articles on SpellO setup, operation, and bug reports.

2) While being not free, and having an unpolished interface, InSpyder InSite ($60) can also be used. This is definitely something for large or commercial sites, but the price may not be worth it for small or profitless websites.

3) There is also a server-side full website spellchecker, Speller Pages. Server-side means that you have to install it on your website.

3) There are some websites which claim to offer free full website spell-checking. One of the examples, currently broken however, is

4) You can also use trials of all other website spell-checking services. Most limit number of words displayed, but you can correct and recheck several times.


There are also a number of labor-intensive solutions (consisting of crawling or downloading the whole website, converting it into words, spell checking the list, and then finding where exactly those misspelled words are on your website).


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Note: ignore references to SpellCheckRex. It is dead.

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