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I was looking for a wiki I could place on a CD-R (yes, read only) media. That ruled out having XAMPP running on something like a USB memory stick and powering that wiki (which is very possible albeit slow).

I did not come with any search term results when looking for CD or USB memory wiki. But they do exist. They are called by one of many names -- flat file wiki, single file wiki, personal wiki, database-less wiki, etc. What they are is something that does not require a database to run along with the wiki.

As a very interesting example, TiddlyWiki is a single html file Wiki. Yes, you heard it right. The entire Wiki is a single HTML file that overwrites itself when you add or edit content. So, that file can be placed anywhere from a website to your computer to a USB memory stick to a read-only CD.

When I was researching this myself, I saw no online search results for "Wiki on a CD" or "Wiki on a USB memory stick".

After a long research on my own I have identified several Wikis that can be stored on, and run from, media such as CDs and USB memory. These are wikis that do not require a database, or use "flat file" as a storage mechanism.

One of the better ones is TiddlyWiki. It comes as a single html file, and all settings and data is kept within that single file. That file can be read--only without affecting the operation of the wiki.

This solution can be used for documentation, personal notes, ultralight wiki, etc.

Search terms: wiki on a CD

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