What notes do you have on HTML code validators

Q: What notes do you have on HTML code validators?


  • If you get very many errors, try to select another doctype. It might be that you have specified the wrong doctype in the HTML source.
  • duplicate definitions: do not get scared by high number of errors and warnings. some of those are duplicates, or several problems with a single line of code.
  • unclear specified line numbering: the line number are not the ones you get by opening HTML source in a text editor, so you will need to instead "Show Source".
  • no suggestions (esp on duplicates): HTML validators are dumb.
  • silly problems with meta tags (does not say that type case should not be uppercase). "meta" (as in the tags themselves) must be spelled lowercase, not META.
  • stupidities: capitalization problems with META (must be lowercase) and HTML (lowercase in html tag, UPPERCASE inside doctype tag)

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