1and1 e-mail or contact form does not work

If you have a script on your website for outgoing e-mail for for a contact form, then you must check its functionality monthly, because 1and1 has a history of changing settings around without telling anyone.

In the last two years, the settings were changed three times, each time breaking my contact form, and outgoing e-mail from my website scripts.


Check that your script does NOT use the following settings:



This is a quote from one of the support techs (others are clueless about this change, and FAQs were not updated):

"If you're on shared hosting, we've blocked you from connecting directly to our SMTP servers. Use "mrelay.perfora.net" in place or use sendmail."


The following settings work for my CMS. I do not guarantee they are suitable for yours:

Mailer method: sendmail

SMTP host name: mrelay.perfora.net

Encryption mechanism: TLS

Port of SMTP server: 25

From address: contactform@mydomain.com

From username: mydomainname.com

Sendmail location: /usr/sbin/sendmail

SMTP timeout: 1000

SMTP Authentication: ON

SMTP Authentication Username: name of my e-mail box account I have setup on my hosting

SMTP Authentication Password: password of my hosting account

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