1and1.com IONOS hosting provider review

Update August 2019: I NO LONGER recommend 1and1 / IONOS hosting service, for the following reasons:

* I hope that by now, SSH access, "unlimited" storage and bandwidth, and 24/7 accessible tech support have become the norm for other hosting companies (I have not checked myself).

* 1and1 / IONOS hosting prices have steadily gone up, to now $16.99 a month, which is no longer competitive nor affordable like it used to be. This is too impudent from my personal viewpoint. The only thing keeping me is the high cost of moving my tent elsewhere.

* They now charge a complete BULLSHIT $8.71 a month "PHP5.6 Extended Support". Do they think I am a MORON to believe their BULLSHIT claim that it costs that much to "maintain" an obsolete software in steady-state, PER EACH HOSTING USER??? If every two years they are going to be declaring another PHP version as outdated and forcing me to either bear the cost of upgrading all software and introducing very likely obsolescence-related issues and broken functionality, just so IONOS can make money on BULLSHIT fee, then I am OUT.

* The name change, etc cetera is a sign that the company has become too fat and too big and is listening too much to overpaid BS marketing people about coming up with a flashy moniker for the business (either that, or they got too much bad reputation under the old name, too bad that they have to abandon it, I don't know which one it is in this case).

* They had the audacity of starting recently sending me MULTIPLE SPAM LETTERS promoting another "voluntary fee" for me to "protect my server". Ex-fracking-scuse me, are you telling me your servers ARE NOT SECURE TO BEGIN WITH?????????? They appear to have dropped this bullshit tactic to get even more money out of me, for now.


All of this, coupled with the fact that Google is too busy now promoting complete BULLSHIT Web 2.0 websites that consist entirely of computer-generated spam / advertisement / fake content, "responsive" crap that gets in the way of reading actual content (if any), and websites that are there only to obtain your e-mail address and private information to sell to others, and Google punishes SEVERELY any website not following Web 2.0 bullshit, so that this website makes no money whatsoever anymore, then WTF do I need to pay someone $17 per month if I get $0.10 back???


1&1 is my current hosting provider for this website. I have only good things to say about them:

  • Secure Shell (SSH) is included (Business package and up)
  • There is a WebspaceExplorer for easy deletion of directories on the server, unzipping of zip files right on the server, etc (This all is much harder or longer to do over FTP)
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Statistics
  • No outrageous storage over limit fees.
  • phpMyAdmin


Something to watch out for: by default, all domain names that you buy will point to your default hosting space / domain name. If you are buying domains just to hold them, you might not want them to be forwarded to your website. You will need to specify a fake subdirectory destination to domains that you do not want pointing to your website. Also, there is a problem with Google AdSense for parked domains. For that, you will need another DNS host (which may be a problem to set up or may cost you).


Hard to find info:

There are no refunds for domain name registrations.

To cancel a domain name, or your hosting, there's a hidden Cancellation Control panel.


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