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Error! Checksum error. This probably indicates a corrupt file, either when it was uploaded to the repository, or a problem in transit down to your machine.



CMSMS News module bug:

I found a bug in the News module of CMSMS. My post on their forums detailing the problem: link

I found a bug in the News module. The problem has been previously described on another post:,31214.0.html, but it had several topics. I would like to separate this bug out.

The only solution for me was to uninstall the News module and delete the "News" code block from my page template.

Description of the problem: URLs mixed up and wrong when Googling for

My site: (look at Google results)

Example site (found in the Showcase category):


also, search for Google You will see many entries with the likes of /news/5/61/, which all lead to the wrong jumble of a page.

I hope that this is fixed soon. Otherwise, the only solution I see is not to use the News module until it is.

UPDATE: If you want Google to remove the error /news/ links, you will need to do two things. First, add this to your robots.txt file "Disallow: /news/". Then, sign in to Google Webmaster Tools, and navigate to Tools>Remove URLs. In New Removal request, type in "news/". As you can see no longer shows the /news/ entries.


Archiver bug when editing footer global content block:

With Archiver installed, I try to edit the footer in the global content block.

Add text to existing footer, edit, etc.

Hit apply, everything OK

Hit Submit, get error:
Fatal error: Call to a member function Id() on a non-object in /homepages/12/d206868303/htdocs/modules/Archiver/Archiver.module.php on line 309

No changes get made to the footer (new text not added)



Quotes in CMSMS links:

Using a double quote " within your CMSMS links on a page will break up the link text after the first " in the link. The rest of the link will be truncated. This is due to the fact that the link itself uses the double quotes like so:

cms_selflink page="drill-chuck-key" text="Drill chuck key 1/2" with 15/64" pilot"

The above link is will be truncated after the 1/2. It will be displayed as Drill chuck key 1/2, it will still work however.

This is a small "bug" with CMSMS: if you create a page with a title like Drill chuck key 1/2" with 15/64" pilot, and then use the button "Insert link to cmsms-page", it will create the link above.

The solution is to manually put escape character \ before the double quotes in the link like so:

cms_selflink page="drill-chuck-key" text="Drill chuck key 1/2\" with 15/64\" pilot"

The link will not be broken up now and will be displayed properly.

The only catch is that this is only required in the cms_selflink links, and not anywhere, like the page Title and Menu Text fields.


Q: What is the "Path to tar binaries:" in the module FileBackup?

A: /bin should work.


Q: I see references to databasebackup, but cannot find it in the Module Manager?

A: Try this link: I cannot guarantee what this will do to CMSMS or if it is compatible or not. Use link at your own risk.


Q: What tool should I use to backup my website?

A: If your hosting provider has a database management utility, use that as your best bet, and then backup the contents of /uploads/ folder. My hosting provider, 1&1, has phpMyAdmin.


Q: When I try to install the phpMyAdmin module I get error "Fatal error: Out of memory"?

A: You will need to increase the PHP Memory limit. (My host says my limit is 40MB, which is obviously insufficient). You will need to edit the php.ini file. For this details, you will need to ask your hosting provider. Very likely, you will be unable to increase this limit on shared hosting packages.


Q: I am having trouble uninstalling modules. Or, there are dependencies listed that I have not installed that prevent me from uninstalling a module

A: If a module is causing a significant problem (fe, it crashes your site) you can remove it manually from /modules by FTP. This, however, will not properly uninstall it from modules list, and it may be listed as a dependency for another module. To uninstall properly, install it again, then select uninstall, and then remove. This will remove the module folder as well as database entries.


Q: I have a problem with TinyMCE.

A: Try the following one by one:

  • Uninstall and reinstall the module from the module manager
  • If that does not work, after you uninstall module, manually delete the TinyMCE folder on the server
  • Try setting permissions to one of the following:775, 755, 555.
  • Check your config.php file
  • If that still does not solve your problem, post it on the CMSMS forums.



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