Questions you must ask before entrusting a HD to a DR company

You must ask the following questions before you entrust your hard drive to a data recovery company. In most cases, you are judging whether they can even answer the question. The point is not to have them explain the inner workings of the hard drive, or exactly what happened, but to show that they are competent in their field of data recovery.

The list:

If they are only a software-only (vs. physical data recovery) DR recovery company: how can they tell if there also is physical damage to the hard drive?

Will they image the hard drive first? Will the original be kept in a secure location, and preserved? Do they read the hard drive in read-only mode?

Is their recovery signature based? Most cheap / discount / affordable services will run a program on your hard drive which you can buy yourself for less than $100. Such a program will cause more damage if the damage is physical, will recover a limited amount of data, and only be able to recover a limited number of file types.

Can they show you a map of damaged sectors? Do they know which heads, sectors, and files / records are affected?

Can I consult with a senior technician?

Can you show me a recommendation for your services?

Do you need a duplicate hard drive for the image or will I need to purchase one from you (always bring an exact duplicate of your HD to place recovered files on)

Can I be present during the recovery, or can I be informed of the prognosis before data recovery or write operation starts?

Why did I not use a backup?

How can I securely ship the hard drive to you? How can I eliminate the chance my hard drive will be destroyed during shipping? How can I insure and track the shipment?


By the way, you yourself need to know the answer to these questions if you want your data to be recovered safely and successfully.


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