Are the hard drive heads parked on power loss?

No one can guarantee an answer to this, but according to several sources the hard drive does its best to use the little remaining power after a complete power loss to the computer to park the heads.


1) Data loss always results

2) If the platter looses speed while the head retracts, the head will scratch the platter surface, resulting in a much more co$tly data recovery procedure

3) Do not rely on the hard drive being able to park its heads on the event of a power loss

4) This does not apply to the condition of either the power or SATA cable not being seated properly and causing an intermittent connection. A similar scenario is you fumbling around inside the computer case with the power applied. If the power connector is intermittently supplying power to the hard drive, then it is much more likely that the head will scratch the platter, or cause even more damage to itself.


Always use a UPS, and always use locking SATA connectors.

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