Troubleshooting problems with a network Brother printer

This page is a guide to troubleshooting a networked Brother printer. The symptoms are:

1) The printer works on another computer (any other computer in your house can print to that printer on the network)

2) You may or may not have installed the printer/driver before (and it did work before on this computer), but it does not work anymore.

3) Uninstalling and reinstalling software, with restart after each operation, does install the driver, but no pages are sent to the printer. Windows gives a printing error. No pages print at the printer (including the test page).

4) This is a Brother network printer (it is not connected to your computer thru USB).

5) The most recent version of driver installer applicable to your printer has been obtained from the Brother website.


! This article is involved. You might need help from a geek friend.

OK. What we are going to do is not use the installer and install the printer manually.

1) Login to the printer's web page. The IP you need to enter in your computer can be found out in the manual, or from the list of devices connected to your house network (For example, you can login to your modem/router and find out the IP of the connected printer)

2) Go to Network Configuration > Configure NetBIOS. Make sure "Domain Name" specified matches exactly your computer's Workgroup Name (which can be found out by right-clicking the desktop computer icon, selecting Properties, and viewing the "Computer Name" tab). The default usernames and passwords for the printer web page are ("user";"password") for the green key area, and ("admin";"password") for the red key area.

3) Go to Start > Settings > Printers and Faxes. Important: if the Brother printer is listed here, uninstall the program and the driver first from the Add or Remove Programs icon in the Control Panel. Then click "Add Printer". Check "A network printer, ...". Then "Browse for a printer". Double click on the workgroup name specified for both the computer and the printer. The printer's name will be something like "BRNDCAF5D". Double click on that name and select something like "BINARY_P1". Click next until done. Now test the printer functionality.


Whether this article was relevant to your problem, solved it, or did not solve it, please and tell me about it. This problem has been bugging me for too long before I actually solved it.

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