Software for Thermaltake Bigwater 780e

This is something that is very hard to find, despite the hype and the claims: software for the Thermaltake Bigwater 780e.

The only software that is used with Bigwater is NVidia software. With that software, you can:

Specify fan speed

Specify water pump speed

Check water temperate

Check coolant level (although I doubt the accuracy)


Now, which exact software from NVidia to download is very confusing. There's the Performance Monitor, which allows you to read the values, and the "Performance" section of NVidia control panel allows you to set those values. And you also need to download "NVIDIA System Tools with ESA Support" to make it all work. Because links change, I gave you the names of the software, in case links below stop working. First, some screenshots:


NVidia Performance Monitor

NVidia Performance



Download links to enable this functionality:

Nvidia System Tools must also be installed

NVIDIA System Monitor seems to be included with with the NVidia control panel / driver.


Note: to the best of my research ability, I could not find anywhere how to use the built--in buzzer or any other alert software to alert if the coolant levels too low, temperature is too high, or water flow is too low or stops completely (due to low level or constant algae growth).

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