New England / North East Hard Drive Data Recovery

A reputable and a professional Data Recovery (DR) company is hard to find. I want to share my experience with a DR company I have discovered.

They are the Data Recovery New England.

I have first heard about them from a leading data-recovery forum. One of Data Recovery New England specialists goes out of his way to help newbie users like myself with their questions about data recovery.

Although the forum can be used for DIY learning, if your data is of any importance, then attempting a repair yourself will most likely lead to further damage, loss of data, and a higher recovery cost.


This is where a qualified specialist comes in. However, the average DR firm only does business by mail (shipping). Those services are also out of the reach of the average computer user. A typical Data Recovery bill is several thousand dollars.


Furthermore, unless a knowledgeable Data Recovery technician first makes an "image" (an exact copy) of your hard drive, sending in your original hard drive is an additional risk. I do not trust shipping services to be easy on your hard drive, even if you pack it well (not everyone does).


Fortunately, Data Recovery New England stands out from the competition. I was allowed to deliver my hard drive in person to one of their locations (911 Smith Street, Providence, RI 02908). I was allowed to consult in-person with a DR specialist. And they performed a diagnostic right there and then. The prognosis was clearly explained to me: how bad the hard drive was, what the chances for recovery were, and what the recovery timeframe and cost was projected to be.


I have not encountered another data recovery company which equals in service.


It took me 3TB of lost data to start to use backups. I could have saved myself a great deal of trouble if I had just invested a couple hundred dollars into a second (backup) hard drive. I urge every reader to implement a backup strategy immediately.


Tips on how to securely and safely deliver your hard drive to a data recovery service (such as Data Recovery New England):

1) If the hard drive was placed inside your computer as a "secondary" drive, remove it from the computer if you know how to do so. This tip does not apply to you if you do not know the difference between the primary operating system hard drive and a secondary internal drive.

2) If the hard drive is an external drive, then bring along any connector cables and the power supply.

3) Before coming over, purchase an exact equivalent of your damaged hard drive. This will help the specialist greatly, since any recovered data (by a DR company which actually knows what it is doing) will always be placed to a separate hard drive (and not the original hard drive, which is not "written" to).

4) If it is an internal drive, then discharge the static from your body (by touching the metal computer chassis) before removing the drive. Then, place the drive into an ESD (anti-static) plastic bag (one of those silvery-looking bags that computer parts are shipped in).

5) Place the hard drive in the original packaging box, if you still have it. If not, then use bubble wrap or a similar shock-absorbing material. Do not use "shells", because these shift in the box and expose the internals to shock.

6) Secure your hard drive in a second sturdy carton box.

This applies even if you drive the hard drive over in person, because a car ride is full of harmful vibrations, shocks, and bumps.


Note: other than having my data recovered by this firm, this website is not affiliated with Data Recovery New England. But I do want everyone to know about this company with a fantastic level of service. If you are a resident of the following states: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, then this hard drive recovery company is within a drivable distance. You can mail in your hard drive from any place of Earth, of course, as long as you package the drive properly and securely.

Give them a call, wherever you are!


The following is a Google Map for one of the Data Recovery New England recovery locations as a courtesy for the reader:


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Data Recovery New England

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