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According to my own research and a rep, 50% of members online are not paid members, and cannot even view your message or respond to it.

Any member who has been inactive for more than 3 weeks is most likely not a paid member.

This, by the way, means that even as a paid dating site such as Meetup has fewer members than free sites (POF, OKC, etc), in reality their number are even less due to not all members being paid members. intentionally does not let you know who a paid member is. The only information they want to tell you is that members highlighted in green are always paid members. However, this is a feature that members pay extra, or that is part of an expensive package.

Also, there is no way to specify to block (or not show) members who you have already contacted.

I have asked a rep, and she was sounding innocently that she has never had a request for such a feature. BS!

A rep told me she heard of some people keeping track of who they have contacted by forwarding a copy of their message in their inbox.

Note that messages are deleted after 30 days, it is not possible to use this information to keep track of those who you have already contacted.


The method I have used was to block everyone I have contacted just once. If you are too lazy to respond to a message, I would not bother sending a second one.


And don't expect much better results just because it is a paid website. I have sent a few thousand messages, and has gotten few responses, and zero actual usable results.


My suggestion to evaluating the website is to read the profile of the person you will contact fully, send a good email message tailored to that specific member, and to use the "Block" and "Favorite" features after sending each message to each member.


If you do use the "block member" feature, be aware of the delay in relisting members in search results that exists when undoing a block. In case of a few blocked members, it will be a couple of days. If it is a hundred, it will take much longer (a couple of weeks or longer). If you need to have those members reappear immediately, you will need to call tech support.

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