Gabriel's Method review

As of yet, this is not a qualified review as it is a few notes for me to follow myself.

For those who have read the book, but have not had the willpower or the memory to follow the advice, here are a few things that should jog your memory:

Suggested things:

Eat quality or raw food. Do not each everyday food that has been boiled, fried, or otherwise prepared to the level of complete breakdown of all vitamins and other nutrients.

No diets!

Follow his forum and his radio program

Take supplements like Omega 3 oils, and vitamin E, probiotics, and digestive enzymes (Try Whole Foods Market or equivalent)

Get outside, exercise, get in the sun

Image of what you want to be in your mind every night

Invest your time in eliminating stress and negativity

Clean your teeth well and get necessary dental work done

Combat apnea if you have it with exercise that you can manage to sustain


There will be a review of Gabriel's Method of how it worked for me as I am a good test subject because:

I naturally eat very little

I take vitamins (better quality now, no Centrum crap)

Has been like this since I was little

Do not eat junk food

Try to walk here and there


So we will so how well it works (if I can put the effort into following the advice)

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