Minute Clinic at CVS review

"Traditional" medical offices have a lot to learn from the CVS minute clinic.

You come in without an appointment

You do not have to wait

Open very late

Very comfortable

No rush

You come in without health insurance, and you do not have to worry about dropping dead because you would not afford a medical office or the emergency room.

You are SICK and those IDIOTS at the medical office GIVE YOU AN APPOINTMENT ONE MONTH FROM NOW. Well, guess what, I will either die or get better in a month.

You will pick up your prescription right there in the CVS


First, about the Minute Clinic. They are affordable because they are staffed by a nurse, not a doctor. Only some states allow prescriptions by nurses, so that is why not every state will have Minute Clinics. They are trained on a limited number of diagnosable problems (there is a list posted on the website and at locations).

How did it go?

Been there twice, loved it both times.

I had an ear infection. No medical insurance. Very painful feeling in my ear and complete loss of hearing in that ear. So I run to the Minute Clinic long after the symptoms have developed. I have been waiting for it to just "go away".

I went there late. A nurse was already available. She was very compassionate. She genuinely cared about my pain. She went out of her way trying to find a low cost generic instead of something expensive.

She had me come in for a follow up and examination.

She has also told me about several more tests that I haven't done in years for me to take. I did.


Because I did not solve the cause (swimming and wearing ear plugs), I was there again in half a year. Another helpful nurse. And I got a "Get well soon" card by mail from her!!!

All of this (with a drug prescription) for less than a insurance copayment for a medical office.

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