OverNightPrints and VistaPrint review

Q: What is your experience with online business card printers such as OverNightPrints and VistaPrint?


A: Both are overhyped. Both advertise themselves as cheap, but they both use extraordinarily slow and expensive shipping. They also both bombard you with advertisements and offers for "deals". Selecting just the rudimentary basics like being able to upload your own image, moving text around instead of using their templates, double sided printing, lamination, rounded corners, etc and you are looking at $25 before that horrible shipping.

Yes, VistaPrint heavily advertises free 250 business cards, but the quality is very low. Use that to print your name, website, email, and phone number, and give it to girls instead of writing your/her's phone number on a piece of paper. I would not use the basic option for a business card.

How can they make it free? By selling your information that they collect, of course. So you would be trying to save your money in the wrong place. If you want to at least track who got your information, follow one of the tips here.

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