International phone call cards abysmal customer service

Don't expect good customer service from international phone call card companies, and don't get worked up if you get treated very badly.

I have not had a single good phone call with these types of companies.

Several examples:

Getting hanged up on in the beginning of conversation, as soon as I start to say something.

Calling them back, telling them I was hanged up on, and getting the same a minute later.

I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT BEING PLACED ON HOLD. The drop happens in the middle of the conversation.


And why do all of those types of companies have their reps give their agent number when they answer the phone? Could it be that the treatment was so bad the new rule was put in place?


However, it gets worse. I wanted to save time and increase convenience for my grandmother by buying a refillable STI Prepaid phone card. When I went to their website, the checkout process has started to ask me too much personal and financial information. My date of birth was asked (among other things), and it looked like a background credit report would be run on me. I got suspicious immediately, and called customer support. Their answer? Just go with it! The customer support rep could not tell me why this information was asked, and could not forward me to the rep's manager.

They lost a customer.

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