Old Sturbridge Village Labor Day fireworks review

What a disappointment. Especially since it was supposed to be a treat for someone else.

I saw billboard advertising for a special Labor day fireworks show at the Old Sturbridge Village (central MA state).

From the website description, it sounded like it would be several hours of fun, entertainment, and free food, all for the price of one ticket. Which was $12 per adult.

While trying to get to OSV, they had police and firefighters block the road my GPS suggested (close to my destination). No signs were posted to show an alternate route. Had to ask the cop, who acted like I would be the only one who would wonder why the road was closed. Well, there was a queue of cars behind me, so I was not the only one.

Upon arriving there, we were giving a printout which reinforced the hype -- that there would be several different eateries going, and events going on constantly. However, once we got in, we quickly realized that

a) There was no free food, no several places to choose from. There was one food stand with over expensive small portions. Paid $7 for half a cup of clam chowder. Hot dog was the same rate. And I had to wait in line for half an hour for the food. There was an ice cream / drinks stand as well.

b) There were no events to speak of. There was a band of three musicians playing on the green, and what looked like a street performer somewhere else. I did see a low--level event with sack racing.

c) Watch where you step, unless you want to step in horse output.

d) Mosquitoes pretty bad.


Fortunately, my friend was a smart cookie. She suggested to observe the fireworks show from where the "events" were, and not go in the area where everyone else went. That

a) Still gave us a great view of fireworks. Which were actually pretty good and lasted about 45 minutes. So your $12 ticket is pretty much for the fireworks show. Bring your own food and collapsible chairs and don't care about trying to buy food there.

b) Allowed us to not have to wait in line to get wherever everyone else was watching the show

c) Did not give us neck cramps trying to look up. We observed from a little distance, and the view was just fine

d) We left well before anyone started coming out and driving away. Therefore, we avoided the traffic jam entirely.


And I wasn't the only one confused. Everyone else was saying the same things over and over: confused, no events, expensive food, mosquitoes, where's everything?, etc.

Bring repellent and food.

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