TTM Technologies employment review

Do not consider employment in TTM Technologies located at Stafford Springs, CT. The company went off the deep end, and has lost its marbles. It is not a good place to work at.

If am very familiar with working conditions in this company. The company changed for the worse, and continues to get worse in treating employees.

As an example, people are written up for going to take a drink of water in the summer, if it is not during their break.

You are also watched that you take the shortest route to the bathroom, and that you return immediately. People were written up for going to a different bathroom or water cooler if the bathroom was closed or the water cooler was out of bottled water.

Basically, you are not allowed to exit the room for hygienic or health reasons of it is not during a designated break period.


People are also written up if they call in that they physically cannot get to work if there is too much snow in the winter.

The company is located in a very remote area because the company got a deal for a cheap building and utilities. However, most employees drive from central CT area. Roads leading to TTM are extremely remote and treacherous in the winter. However, you cannot call in that it is too dangerous for you to drive.


The penalty system is points-based. After you accrue a small connection of penalties, they say that it is legal for them to then immediately fire you.


And I am not talking about a top-secret military products, or a super-critical industrial process which will blow up if you walk away for a minute for a cup of water in the summer. I am talking about white-walled QA, inspection, and testing areas of the building besides the manufacturing plant portion.

This company has decided to become a sweatshop based factory. Employees are treated as disposable slaves. Employees are to be fired at the smallest sign that they do not operate like mindless drones and cogs of a machine.


And THE WORST fact? Most of the reporting is done by other employees, who are rewarded to report, but are reprimanded if they do not report on their fellow employees. I could not believe my eyes. The company does not need to pay to employ slave observers with whips in the hand -- employees comply with the insanity and willingly and eagerly participate in the punishment system.


I got out of this hell safely, but I still know people there. All my reporting is accurate and up to date. Stay away from TTM.

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