The dirty truth behind brand name store appliances

Have you wondered about the following questions:

Why all store appliances look the same?

Why none of them have any innovative features, and you are buying the same basic appliances year after year?

Why they all cost the same (a lot, for not much in functionality)?

And other questions any sane person ought to raise...


Its because all of those appliances and brand names are designed by one Chinese corporation, and manufactured by one other Chinese manufacturer.


The supposedly US-based brand names you see in a store are wholesalers only; they do not design, manufacture, or assemble these appliances. Nor do they have any creative input as far as the features of the appliances go. Large mass-consumer corporations do not manufacture anything anymore. They do not have the expertise, do not want the expenses, want more profit, and want to to avoid the liability. All mass retailers are resellers of white-label Chinese units, designed and built in China.


All store appliances are not designed, built, or worked on by the brand name you see on the unit. This is why all appliances are all alike, in the few features they carry.

People must be aware that the brand name cannot be sued for liability, because engineering drawings do not carry the name of the store brand. They were designed by a Chinese company, who you cannot sue. They are also not interested in any features, ideas, or licensing submitted by US people, because they have nothing to do with the physical product.

As an example, in Wal-Mart I saw a GE headset (what the hell? They do not make headsets or any consumer electronics). But right on the package it said that for warranty purposes the unit was designed by a such-and such company.


If your house burns down because of a Chinese-made appliance, good look trying to sue the Chinese manufacturer for damages!

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