I am an adult, but I cannot swim. What do I do?

Swimming is well worth learning how to do, even if you have never done it before.

Learning is best done in a pool in a comfortable setting.

Find a pool where you will be alone with a friend or an instructor. There are classes for adults as well, so don't think that it is just you. However, if you are shy about this, then find a friend or a private instructor.

You can wear a swimming vest or arm floaties (inflatable things that you put on your arms).

Go into a shallow area.

There are only two things which are done to swim - keeping air inside your lungs, and keep moving your arms around. Do not panic. Panicking will both have you exhale air and stop moving your arms. Noone floats without those two things in check.

While standing on your feet with water at your chest level, try getting some air in your lungs and lowering your body in the water by crouching your feet. If done slowly, the air in your lungs will keep your head above the water.

Now move your arms around in the water in any style you want. Dog paddle is easiest.

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