Idiotic roadside billboard advertising

Although I can block the usual crappy roadside advertising, something else that I have seen unsettled me. Now, I am becoming to see idiotic advertising that does one or more of the following:

1) does not mention any references to what it is all about

2) Is one of those idiotic dot orgs. What unsettled me in this case is the waste of money that they accomplished, and reinforced my belief to never contribute to them anyways. I am not an idiot to think that some overnight dot org is going to change the world, or do anything useful for that matter.

An example -- I have seen a billboard recently that said:

"Fact: Interesting thing about depressions... They all end."


That was all. No idiotic dot org, no phone number, nothing besides the idiotic statement. If this was local or federal government, then my tax money were wasted.

If anyone knows what this billboard was about and by whom, let me know.

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