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Just so you know, I am genetically against all lotteries and any other form of gambling.

I want you to realize how lotteries work. You pay a large sum of money. So do a whole lot of other people. Then some lazy rich people in a skyscraper sit on their asses in leather chairs and collects your money. Then, they pay a small portion to a single person in the whole United States. Then the media goes into rage mode to tell the whole nation about that one person. The person gets many millions, pays huge taxes on the money. They cannot do anything smart with the money, so it is all basically wasted. Not wasting the money, of course, would be smart enough to be able to multiply the money.


If you must gamble with the lotteries:

Pick something in the $5 range. Not $1 or $20 (per guess/ticket).

Stick with local or state lotteries.

Go for a lottery that documents the odds. Pick the best odds.

Do not ever play national lotteries.

Do not go for more than a million total payout after taxes. Any more and you would never know how to use it wisely, and it will do you no good.


Oh, and one another thing. Another reason I do not wish for a lottery chance is an image I have in my mind -- if I win, there were millions of people on their knees praying to win instead of me to take care of a sick family member, etc.


Here, I should later post winning odds for each lottery in the hope to persuade as many people as possible to realize how small your chances are, and to tell you to better invest that money in a meaningful manner.

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